Ritualistic Sexual Abuse Shatters a Person at the Deepest Levels

The biggest challenge for the survivor of Ritualistic Sexual Abuse is that they have experienced a profound shattering of their inner world. The level and degree of this type of perpetration is hard to comprehend for the average person, as it is incomprehensible that someone who sadistically harm a child in such a manner, and is inconceivable that a person could perpetrate such evil and inflict such trauma and terror into the heart of a child. This kind of abuse (always involving rape, while other malicious things are done at the same time) is perpetrated repeatedly, over a prolonged period of time (usually years), with a perpetrator who not only has consistent access to the victim, but also a deviant, sadistic and malevolent personality, who does unspeakably horrible things to the victim without any remorse or empathy, and who threatens the victim with serious harm and/or harm to a loved one should the victim try to resist. The rape victim is too young to be able to stop the abuse, …

What Are The Qualities of a Psychopath?

Simply put, a psychopath is someone without a conscience. There are two types of psychopaths: the bloody and the white collar. The former eventually ends up in prison with a few victims, while the latter usually ends up being promoted, having gotten their position in the firm, organization, or position by creating hundreds of victims (usually by stepping on and over them on their way “to the top”), who are either simply too afraid or too exhausted to ever come forward to shed light upon the perpetrator’s behavior… or they are too scared of the inevitable retaliation that would occur. In answer to another question recently asked re. “What is the primary difference between a narcissist, a sociopath, and a psychopath?”, in a nutshell, from my 11+ years doing independent research while serving on the psychology staff in a state prison (6 years of those were primarily spent providing therapy to men within a long-term solitary confinement environment), the narcissist, is all about self. He…

The "Art of the Spin" of the Sophisticated Manipulator

Whether embedded in politics, in the ministry, in education, in the management/ownership of legal brothels, in Furries, in Drag, within the Trans Movement, within Hollywood, or within prison, sophisticated Predators understand the art of the spin, thus are inevitably all too predictable when it comes to “damage control”.  Rare is the time they are not “on their game.” But, in such a rare instance of them being unmasked, of being busted for the calculating manipulator that they truly are, they will use a number of time-tested methods of manipulation, to ensure they still come out relatively unscathed.
Should the profound manipulator ever find him/herself busted, you will see the art of the spin once again on display. Instead of being who they truly are... a self-confident, calculating, undeterred, goal-driven, calculating, master of manipulation… they will suddenly portray themselves as the exact opposite, as they can “turn on a dime.” By suddenly portraying himself as a frail human bei…

Young adults are speaking out about the Great Trans Deception

The more young adults who were manipulated into “transitioning” awaken to what was done to them, the more they are willing to disclose the fact that they did not receive the mental health treatment they needed which could have helped them deal with deeper issues, which so often have to do with past sexual grooming and abuse.
In her video, Laura Reynolds describes the extent to which these young people must go into denial about their underlying issues, which predators can easily spot and use to manipulate the confused youth. This is being repeated countless times, as The Great Trans Deception… pushed by nefarious “special interests (greedy doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and sexual predators) who are using time-tested cult-like methods of manipulation, recruitment, indoctrination, and “member loyalty retention”… strategically markets to and targets vulnerable and confused youth.
Good people must awaken to this man-made psychological lie that is being foisted upon such young people,…

Man who filmed infant sex abuse sentenced to life in prison

“The arrests came after troopers were tipped off that Smith had child pornography at his home, news outlets reported.”

Welcome to the darkness of the child predator… who will inevitably claim that he was “non-offending” even up until the point of arrest. He will claim he had no knowledge of where the child porn came from, how it was downloaded (despite his multiple layers of computer firewalls, spyware, & passwords.
Once inn prison sex offender treatment, he will claim to have been “minor attracted,” sexually abused as a child (thus supposedly developmentally stuck and subconsciously driven to offend the age child at which he himself was abuse), suffering from mental health issues, socially awkward, feeling emotionally isolated from not connecting with his partner, that he was unsure of what constituted “consent”, that he had been drinking, etc.
This is the diabolical nature of the child predator. They will always be busted with child porn, and they will inevitably be producing victi…

The Manipulated Survivors of the Trans Deception are Awakening.

Young people, who were groomed & manipulated into sex change treatments, are finally awakening to the damage that’s been done to them… which simply added insult to injury. All because the professionals they trusted were either too ignorant, too eager, or too agenda-driven to not see the clear red flag indicators of deeper underlying issues. Instead, they were offered superficial treatments for very deep wounds… treatments that simply left them even more scarred than they were before seeking out help.
Simply put, there is NEVER a reason that any young person should be directed toward a sex change, as gender is NOT the issue for a confused and vulnerable youth. Inevitably, there are other issues, often sexual abuse and/or grooming. Fast-tracking a such a child is never the answer, will only serve to confuse them, and will consign them to dealing with physical, emotional, and psychological issues for years to come… which will simply get in the way of them being able to successfully re…

Why Are Red Flags Clearly Being Overlooked By Professionals... Thus, Leaving Young Gender-Confused Adults With Lifelong Scars?


Another Domino Falls... as the Predator's Strategic Plan Marches Closer To It's Goal

Unless you understand The Predator Game Plan, you won’t see how strategically targeted and executed the defunding of the Vancouver Rape Relief Services & Shelter was for the Predators and their Apologists. Most don’t see the connection between the infiltration of women’s sports, locker rooms, restrooms, and other “private spaces” by porn-fueled deviant men who playing dress-up in women’s underwear, and the defunding of rape services for women. And, that is why the Predator's Game Plan is moving forward with Blitzkrieg-like success.

The eradication of women’s sports, their safe spaces, their places of shelter and safety, are all a part of a very strategic plan to render women silent and submissive, and wasplanned decades ago as they created the perfect Trojan Horse to be pulled by the trail blazing feminist movement. Once these women had broken down all gender barriers, the existence of gender and the protective instinct of women toward child protection would need to be elimin…

The Trans Deception is Leaving Countless Young People Forever Scarred... Physically, Emotionally, & Psychologically